Alloy wheels/rims

Some rims Iíve found and bought especially made for the VW K70 , Volkswagen original or aftermarket . In case you have some pictures of wheels/rims made for VW K70 , please let me know .

It may take several minutes to download the pictures , my apologizes !


1) †††††††††Volkswagen Original ;

These wheels arenít NSU RO80 although they look the same , they are original VW designed for K70 , as you can see by the partnumber .


fuchs velgen 009.JPGfuchs velgen 002.JPG

fuchs velgen 001.JPGfuchs velgen 011.JPG

k70 004.JPGk70 003.JPG

k70 005.JPGDSC00034.JPG


1) †††††††††Esap , Italian manufacturer ;


Very rare wheel !! Beautiful design , I have to repaint them , black background and the upper parts are polished aluminum ,

center-caps are still okay .

Before the restauration :

esap velgen 001.JPGesap velgen 006.JPG

esap velgen 007.JPGesap velgen 009.JPG

esap velgen 010.JPGesap velgen 011.JPG

After restauration ;


esap velgen 001.JPGesap velgen 002.JPG