VW K70 / 1600cc / 75 Hp / 14-08-1973 / 58.000 km        

With this white K70 my “K70-love” has started , this car was sold by our local VW-dealer “Viaduc” in 1973 as new to a lady in my hometown
Oostkamp(nearby Bruges) . In 1986 my father had toke over this VW-dealership but change it into a Nissan-garage , the lady and her K70
keeps coming to our place for the maintenance of her car . In the year 1995 ,  the lady decided to stop riding a car , because of her age ,
and so she was looking for a person who could be interested to buy her K70 . My father was interested in buying it because the K70
was a car which U didn’t see a lot in daily traffic and of course because the car was in an original top condition . In all those years
the car drove only 55.000 kilometers and we did know everything of technical history of this car .


With his white colored bodywork and his red simili leather interior he’s rather unique . There are not a lot of K70’s known in that kind of combination
of colors . I personal don’t have notion of any other K70’s like this one .  I was once on a meeting in Hofstade(Belgium) where I won the first price
for the originality of the painting , the car is never been repainted or welded . Everything is in its original shape , only I polished the car .
Even the chromium bumpers are still in a very good condition .


Rear window heating and a trip counter are the only options on this car . The engine is a 1600cc/75Hp . Water pump , clutch
and exhaust are renewed by its previous owner . Today the K70 has driven 58.000 kilometers in totally .


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