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VW K70 / 1600cc / 75 Hp / 14-09-1973 / 82.000 km


In the year 2000 I had the possibility to buy a second K70 for a little money , sad enough I donít have any pictures anymore of its
original condition . At first , I had the intention to demolish this car completely , but after an inspection in our workshop I decided
to give this K70 a second chance . There was a lot of work to do but the bottom of the car was still good and the engine was running
very nice , only the bodywork needed a lot of attention . By the previous owner a few young vandals did have a great time with ruin
this car , throwing in windows , leaving footprints on the car roof , smashing in the front doors with stones , etcetera .
It costs me a lot of blood and tears for searching body parts but after a time I found enough parts by the Belgian Volkswagen dealers
I could use . Not only body parts but also a lot of other parts .
Then we cleaned-up the complete bottom , repainted with primer and afterwards we sprayed a lot of coating over it . At the meantime
we toke of the rear-axe and restored it , put a new fuel tank , brake-shoes and pumps , renewed the front brake claws and pads and
also all the wheel bearings .


At the back of the car , just above the right rear wheel we had to weld a new part , the old piece was completely rusted away .
Changing the right front fender , the rear right door , the left front door and then a lot of work to get rid of all the dents in the
bodywork . We thought we should do all of this in about two years but in fact it became eight years of working .
You have to know we did all of the work in our free-time , after working hours and in the weekends .


While the car was getting painted , there were left a few more things to do . Restoring the rims , changing the complete exhaust .
The rims were sandblasted , grounded and at last repainted in their original color . Finding a new exhaust was my biggest problem ,
after a few months of searching I found a company in Holland who was able to deliver me a complete new exhaust . It was very
expensive but without a good exhaust I cannot drive it on the road .
Summer 2007 , the big moment !!! Finally , heís repainted and completely put together . Gentlemen , start your engines , my first ride
with my restored K70 . After a few rides , about 250 kilometers , there was a strange noise coming out of my engine and he also begun to
shake . Seems one of the pistons was beginning to jam ! K70 again in our workshop , taking out the engine . Disassembling the complete
engine and changing everything , new crankshaft-and connecting rod bearings , new cylinder head , new valves and new piston rings .
Most of those parts I had in stock . The engine block we drilled oversized and put new parts in . February 2008 , big moment , will he
start or not ?!? Turn over the key and after a few rounds of the starter it starts and turns very smooth . The only part of the engine I
didnít change isnít okay . The water pump is leaking , not such a big problem , it leaks slowly and I have a lot of secondhand pumps which
I can restore .Thatís something for this spring , it will be okay someday . In the meantime I can yet drive my K70 .

7.jpg†† 1.jpg

This is the result of eight years of work . Isnít it a beauty ??? Thatís my opinion , but who am I to say that ?
Iím one of the biggest K70ís addicts and lovers .

Up to my next project , a Ď73 red K70L , named Josef . I will start it when I found the courage .


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