††††† VW K70 Links

Do U know some other VW K70 site which isnít placed here ?
Let me know by
e-mail and Iíll place a link to that site .


Homepage of Andries Vanden Abeele also a Volkswagen K70 addict

Dutch K70-Club website in Dutch

Dutch K70 website in Dutch

Dutch site with attention for all Volkswagen models

1.Internationaler K70-Club e.V. , German VW K70-Club which Iím a member off

K70 Freunde e.V. , the other big VW K70-Club from Germany

German K70 homepage from Christian Riebel in German

German website where someone made a K70 pick-up, choose Peters K70 in the list

French K70 website

Spanish K70 website in English and Spanish

Swedish K70 homepage , in Swedish and in English

American site with a little attention for the K70


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