†††† Jozef

††††††††††††††††††††††† VW K70 L / 1600cc / 75 Hp / 28-08-1973 / 90.000 km

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January 2008 , in Zelzate(Belgium) there is a red VW K70 L for sale , with twin headlights and a right sided rear-view mirror .
The man who is selling that car has told me that this car is in a very good condition , no rust . So I decided to go take a look at that car .
This K70 was standing his complete life indoor when not used ,and that you could see when you take a good look at it .
The bottom was still very hard and the bodywork has no rust , only a few dents all over the body .
The right front wing is serious dented , so I know what to do .
After a serious inspection I decide to take the car home with me . The first things I want to do with this car is make him ready to drive
again , which means , replace the exhaust , fix the brakes and maintains the engine , replace filters , sparkplugs and the oil . So I can drive
it this summer , maybe in 2009 or later , I can dismantle the car completely to restore it . But Iím not sure about that because like the condition
of the car now , itís quit unique . Original with a lot of use marks .



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