60th anniversary Volkswagen Belgium

July 12th 2008 , race-track of Francorchamps , Belgium . Meeting organized by VW D’Ieteren , as U can see on the pictures
it was a mix of all kinds of Volkswagens .

It may take several minutes to download the pictures / Het kan enige minute duren vooraleer alle foto’s gedownload zijn



francorchamps12-07-08web.jpg francorchamps12-07-08-2web.jpg francorchamps12-07-08-3web.jpg Francorchamps 12-07-08 008web.jpgFrancorchamps 12-07-08 001web.jpg  Francorchamps 12-07-08 002web.jpgFrancorchamps 12-07-08 003web.jpg  Francorchamps 12-07-08 004web.jpgFrancorchamps 12-07-08 006web.jpg  Francorchamps 12-07-08 007web.jpg   Francorchamps 12-07-08 017web.jpg  Francorchamps 12-07-08 018web.jpg    Francorchamps 12-07-08 012web.jpg